Is there any type of music that is best for my baby?

Here, you should let your personal preferences guide you.

Do you like classical music and your baby seem to enjoy it too? – Then go for that.

Play your favorite tunes or spice thing up with a bit of Brazilian, African or Techno beats.

Using slow songs for bedtime and fast ones for play time is the best.

Some advice by experts is that you may want to stay away from head-banging rock, grunge music or rap. Research suggests that babies prefer pleasant, harmonic music rather than discordant, harsh sounds.

Think cheerful and simple and you can’t go wrong.

Conclusion about baby music

Setting a goal of cultivating a love for music in your child is reasonable. You’re not trying to create the next Mozart or Bach.

Listening to music (or trying to make your own) with your baby should be about having fun and exposing your baby to new sounds and rythms.

Let your baby give you the clues. Does he/she seem to enjoy what you play for him/her? Does he/she become animated when you play a certain tune?

Follow your baby’s lead and chances are that you will raise a music lover for life.


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