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Most adorable newborn gifts

most adorable newborn baby gifts and gift ideas

Looking for the most adorable newborn gifts?

Are you looking for the most adorable newborn baby gifts for a special new arrival?

That new bundle of joy on the way.

most adorable newborn baby gifts and gift ideas

You must take a look at Gymboree’s new line of adorable newborn gifts.

And the best part, if you hurry, you can still get them on special.
Adorable Gifts for New Arrivals at Gymboree!
Whether it is for your own special baby, a baby shower or your grandchild, everybody is sure to love the new bundle of joy in one of these adorable outfits.

All the gifts below will be great for a baby shower, mommy can never have enough of either of them.

Is it a boy?

Whether you know if the new baby in the family is going to be a boy or a girl, you can take a look at the tigers – although they are under the category for boys, they will work for girls as well.

newborn baby gift for boy tiger hooded towel


Just imagine how many great bathtimes baby will enjoy with this baby hooded towel.




adorable baby gifts



This is the most adorable, gift from Grandpa, and the words on this bodysuit just perfect: Grandpa makes me happy.




Most adorable newborn gifts pull-on pants



Don’t forget to add the pull-on pants to go with this adorable body-suit.





Or is it a girl?

Is the adorable bundle of joy on the way a girl?

You are sure to find the most adorable newborn gifts like the ones below.

With all these, if you are buying them as a baby shower gift, it is not something that a baby outgrows quickly, it will be used for months to come.

Most adorable newborn gifts burp clothes


Any mother will tell you that there can never be enough of these. If you are buying a gift for a baby shower and you buy these Burp Clothes, your friend will always remember you when she and her clothes are protected against those blups that happen so regularly.




Most adorable newborn gifts giraffe hooded towel


Hooded towels are the best for bathtime and with this Giraffe hooded towel, just imagine how adorable your baby will be.





Most adorable newborn gifts giraffe lovey


If there’s one thing that every person who gives a gift wants, it is for that gift to be super special.

Although we cannot force any baby to love anything more than anything else, I do believe that if a baby has this lovey sleeping next to her since birth, she will grow to have it as her most favorite.

Looking for a lovey for a boy? Go to Gymboree, there are tiger lovey’s for boys too.



These are just some of the most adorable newborn gifts that are now released at Gymboree. Be sure to take a look and shop for the most adorable new born baby gift.


Adorable Gifts for New Arrivals at Gymboree!








Great idea

What happens to baby’s clothes as he/she grows?

You must read this article about ideas on what to do with the clothes that a baby outgrows so fast.

wishing you all the best in finding the perfect baby gift



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