Baby Books

It is never too early to buy baby books

baby books as baby gifts

Whether your newborn baby is still in your tummy or born already, it is never too early to start buying baby books.

It could be because I’m a bookworm or it could be because I homeschool my kids and believe in reading as the most important foundation.

But I believe you can never have too many books.

Reading also helps to improve with your child’s language development and increased word recognition.

It also creates a positive bond between parent and child.

It’s great to read to your kids when they go to bed, it relaxes them and you.

Reading also sparks an interest in learning from an early age.

Reading to your baby in your tummy

Let’s take a look at the advantages of reading to your unborn baby.

Many studies have proven that reading to your fetus in your tummy causes your baby’s heart rate to drop.

This means that your baby is relaxing while you are reading to him/her.

There is also a bond that is being formed between you and your baby as you are reading to him/her inside your womb.

Remember, daddy can read too.

I read allot more to my oldest (son) when he was still unborn than I did to my second child (daughter) and I do believe that the significant difference in their learning abilities has a lot to do with it.

What can you read to your baby in your tummy?

I read anything I could find out loud so that he could hear me reading.

Whatever I was reading at that stage, whether it was an article in a magazine or a book- it doesn’t matter as long as you read it out loud.

You can even start practicing reading stories from the picture books. Add the voices and the character to the books.

Add different voices and character to the books. Then by the time your baby arrives, you will not feel odd reading the books with feeling, because you know he/she already heard you.

Read some poems and nursery rhymes too, just for the fun of it.

After your baby is born

After your baby is born, don’t stop reading.

You can read to your baby whenever you are reading and still whatever you are reading up to about 4 months.

Then you will have to start showing some pictures to explain what you are reading and plastic books are the best at this stage, because your baby will want to taste the book too.

Choosing baby books

Choosing baby books will depend on the age of your baby, but you can buy all the variations from before your baby is born.

Then you will be sure to have enough books to cover all the stages.

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