Baby clothes as baby gifts

Baby Clothes

When buying Baby Clothes there are some things to consider

Baby clothes as baby gifts

Are you considering buying baby clothes as a gift for your best friend’s baby or for a new member of the family?

There are some things you must keep in mind when you want to buy baby clothes, here are just a few:

When you walk through the shops and see all the adorable prints when making the final selection, consider:

  • safety,
  • comfort,
  • practical.
  • Easy to put on and washable.


Safety first

Rather stear away from bows, buttons and ties around baby’s neck.

Stay clear from baby clothes with small buttons, decorative rhinestones or bows – they can be a choking risk.

Also clothes with long ties (or that pull tightly around baby’s arms, legs or neck) are unsafe. Baby will grab them and pull at them.

Rahter make sure decorations are sewed on tight.

Look at fire-safe sleepwear. Labels on baby sleepwear will tell you whether it needs to be worn snugly to be fire-retardant or if the fabric is in itself flame-retardant.

Please note: Flame-resistant fabrics have specific laundry instructions for you to follow to keep the retardant from washing away.

Go cotton

A new born baby’s skin is fragile and therefore, experts recommend that you rather buy 100% organic or 100% combed cotton clothing for babies 12 months or younger.

Because there might be unknown sensitivities, rather wait till later on before experimenting with blends.

Choose washable

Rather look for clothes that says “machine washable” on the label to avoid the time and energy of hand-washing or ironing.

Again, this is where clothes made of 100% cotton are ideal – they are comfortable, durable and wash well.

Consider the diaper changes

Small baby clothes with snaps, buttons and even zippers, might look so cute. Especially if there are large versions of the clothing that mom or dad loves to wear.

But there are things to consider, especially when it is night time and you are sleepy and have to change that dirty diaper.

Remember, esbaby clothes things to considerpecially when the baby is still very young, he/she is not going to help you to dress him/her.

The head, arms and legs have to be helped through everything.

Rather look for clothes with stretchy neck holes. The ones with envelope-like folds at the neckline are great for sliding over a sensitive newborn baby’s head.
Most common and favorite clothing are the ones’s that has snaps at the crotch because they are simple and easy to change a dirty diaper.

Some new brands have magnetic snaps, this eliminates the chance of a zipper jamming or misaligned buttons or snaps. I can still remember that feeling when you want to align the snaps at the bottom after changing a nappy 2 o’clock in the morning and your eyes just does not want to focus. You just can’t seem to align those snaps to get them all to fit.

The smaller the baby, it’s better to stay clear of one piece overalls, unless they unfasten at the crotch.


Elastic waists are better

Although a baby would look very adorable in a pair of blue jeans with button, zipper and everything, buying clothing like this is not at all practical.

Trying to get baby out of those teeny denim dungarees will be a nightmare and frustrating, to say the least.

Rather go for pants with elastic bands rather than buttons or drawstrings, especially in the first 12 months.

Labels are suggestions

toddler-630483_640The size labels on the clothing are not the alpha and omega. Rather shop by your baby’s weight, not age.

Each and every baby is as different as each person is. Unique in their own way.

Different brands of clothing also has different standards of sizing their clothing.

Maybe baby has a longer, skinnier body-type than they intended on the label.

Or maybe the newborn baby is bigger than newborn size or grows out of newborn within a day or two.

You will even see, some clothes baby wears 0-3 months, but with other brands, baby has to wear 3-6 months.

Please note, that the size on the label is no indication of how well or how slow your baby is growing.

Your baby’s growth is as unique as he/she is. If they are worried about your baby’s growth, the doctor or clinique sister will tell you when baby goes for the regular updates.

Simplicity is key

When buying baby clothes, aim for simplicity.

Be sure to check the clothing for harsh chemicals and dyes. If the material feels rough to you, imagine how it will feel on baby’s delicate skin.

Rather go for plain than pleats, ruching, tulle and bows around the collar, especially during the first 12 months.

You will see, especially during the first few months when you have to carry baby around the clothes seem to move up the whole time.

Rather keep it simple and easy than overdone and complicated.

Buying in advance

Buying clothes in advance can save you money, but not if you have to give them away without baby even wearing them once. The only person smiling then, is the one who receives brand new unworn clothes.

Because of the situation discussed above, about the different brands as well as baby’s uniqueness, buying in advance there’s a wide range of things to consider.

By the time baby is 9 months, will it be summer or winter, hot or cold.

If baby grows faster than you think, the clothes you buy for next summer will definitely not fit.

Don’t go overboard with end of season sales.

And by the way, what is in fashion this summer, will be old news next summer.

Boy or Girl?

I always said, girls can wear blue, but boys can’t wear pink. Well, that was many years ago.

These days anything goes, but do consider that if your baby girl does not have earings yet and she is dressed in blue, some people will say “oh, he’s so cute.”

baby clothing flower headband


Remember, people can’t see the gender of your baby and their only indication of whether it’s a boy or a girl is a bow and pink for a girl and blue boyish styles for a boy.

But, don’t buy everything pink just because you don’t want people to be confused about baby’s gender. If she wears an elastic waist denim with a check shirt, you can add a little something that makes her look like a girl. Is her hair long enough to try to put a ribbon in? Maybe a flowery headband?

These days, there’s such a huge range of colors and patterns in baby clothes, you can have fun and be creative.

Take a look at some of the clothing for the other gender, you might find something that will look adorable, even if it was intended for a boy and you have a girl.



Basic focus


baby clothes and baby giftsFocus on the basics like simple styles and colors.

They should be the foundation of the wardrobe and then you can add a cool look to finish things off.

For instance a basic vest with snaps at the bottom. Then adding a skirt and something adorable for the head.

When in doubt, rather go bigger

baby clothes, rather biggerEspecially during the first few months, babies grow at a rapid speed. Some babies never fit into “newborn” size, not even at birth.

Other babies grow so rapidly that they even grow out of 0-3 month clothes within the first month.

Rather buy clothes that are a little bigger than to find yourself without much that baby can wear when that first sprint of overnight growing takes place.

You can rather fold up sleeves, roll away pant legs and tuck in T-shirts.


Just a few more things to consider

Rather look at clothes that will put on and take off easier.


Wide necks or snaps at the neck that will make dressing easier.

Clothes that has to be pulled over baby’s head will have to be pulled over quickly because babies panic when you take too long.

It is easier to put on and take off clothes with snaps or zippers in the front than it is to put on or take off those with snaps or zippers at the back.

Loose sleeves will put on and take off easier than tight ones. Remember, especially in the beginning, you have to fit in your fingers with baby’s hand while you’re helping his/her hand through the sleeves.

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