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51 Reasons That Arts Education Must Stay

Neve and

It is National Arts Education Week

Happy National Arts in Education Week! My kids wanted to make everyone a banner to help celebrate, but their school did not think it was important to designate part of their budget for crayons. Or canvas. Or, for that matter, dance, drama, photography, or music.

If that sounded hyperbolic, you might be disheartened to learn that it is very much a real practice in our modern school system. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not like every principle in the world woke up one morning and decided to go on an Arts Education witch hunt. The fact is that schools are notoriously underfunded these days, and money that is available is often put towards focusing on academic classics, like math or science, and on improving test scores. Why? So that those improved test scores lead to better funding.

You see our problem here, right?

Look, “core” academic classes are the cornerstone of education and a significant part of future success. We need the next generation to be able to do math and to have excellent reading comprehension skills; no one is trying to argue otherwise.

But what 93% of Americans are saying is that the arts, too, are a vital part of our kids’ educations, and they say this for a good reason. has put together a comprehensive infographic that lists 51 benefits of Arts Education, and you will be downright amazed at some of them.


Benefits of arts education

For more info on this infographic, go check out the article on 51 benefits of Arts Education

In this day and age, parents need to pick their battles. I promise you; this is a battle to pick. Our kids need Arts Education to remain in their schools so that they know there is more to life than filling in the correct bubble with a sharpened Number 2 pencil.

These 51 benefits of Arts Education was a guest post by Neve:


Neve and Keane of

Neve blogs alongside hubby, Keane, at There she empowers and educates new parents while he, erm, messes about reviewing kids toys!

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Crafts and educational toys

baby crafts and educational toys

Some great Crafts and Educational Toys ideas you can try

Does your child love to draw and make things?

With these Crafts and educational toys ideas, you and your child work together making crafts and spending quality time together.

baby crafts and educational toys

Art and Crafts

Most children love to draw and make things, but there are some children you can see since they are small that they have a bigger talent for arts.

These kids try to find artistic materials to make things and they are so proud of their artwork and love to give it to someone as a present.

Start your child off with crafts which are simple, challenging and fun. These crafts inspire them to learn new skills.

They will learn coordination, how to be creative, counting and reading too.

The amount of skills they learn depends on what they are making.

Not only is craft time great time to spend quality time with your kids, crafting can become a way of having fun at any age, but the best time is around 5 years old.

Start small, after they mastered one skill, move over to the next.

Here are just a few craft and educational toys ideas you can try out.


How about trying weaving as a craft and if you don’t know how, it’s quite easy to learn too.

You can also find beginner’s kits at most craft stores with all the supplies to make your project. But if you don’t have time to go to the store, why not take a look at Craftsy and shop online? And why not buy double, then you both can learn something new together.

Your child will learn how to count stitches and reading instructions with illustrated pictures that makes it easier to follow.

If you do go to Craftsy, you can check out the online weaving courses to start learning today.

2) Games

Ever considered making your own Tick-Tack-Toe game so they also learn to recognize Xs and Os?

After they made the Tick-Tack-Toe game themselves, they can learn that losing is not always bad either.

How to make your own Tick-Tack-Toe game:

What you will need:

Felt – 3 different colors.

Cardboard or carton




  • Preferably one of the colors of felt should be white which you can use for your game board.
  • Stick the white felt onto cardboard or carton.
  • Draw your square boxes.
  • Make your Tick-Tack-Toe shapes to fit inside your squares from the other two colors of felt.
  • Use one color for Circles and the other one for Crosses.
  • You can draw them first with a pencil to make sure you make them all the same and big enough (or small enough) to fit into the boxes.
  • Remember to make them nice and fat and no need to make to Os a hole in the centre, except if you really want to.

Play over and over again.

3) Make a plate

Have you ever considered doing the following for a special unique gift?

Let your  child draw a special picture for grandma or grandpa.

Go to your nearest printing shop that does plate, mug and T-shirt printing.

Take the picture with and have them sublimate the picture onto a plate (or how about a set of plates).

Or you can search for a company that does it online in your area, upload the picture to their site or email and they send you your order.

Imagine how much your child will enjoy visiting grandma and eating out of a plate he/she created.

4) Make potholders

Teach your children to make potholders.

Let them be creative by mixing their own colors together and see how their creativity blooms.

Making potholders is also great for coordination.

And best of all, they’ll love seeing mom use their creations at dinner time.

5) Telling time

Teaching your child to tell time can be a fun project for them to make and learn.

What you will need:


Pictures of animals


A cheap wall clock

  • Buy a cheap clock and take off the top.
  • Remove the hands to you can get the plain backing off.
  • Let your child cut out 12 pictures of different animals.
  • Let them glue the animals next to the numbers.

This fun project helps to teach your child to remember where the numbers are as well as how to use scissors and glue.

When the project is done, hang the clock up in their room and teach them to tell the time on their own personal creation.

6) Suncatchers

You and your child will love this idea to make suncatchers. Not only is it cheap, but easy and can be cute to make too.

What you will need:

Different foam shapes


(actually, anything you want to use to decorate)


2 old CDs

String or yarn

  • Glue the 2 old CD’s together (shiny sides outside) with a piece of yarn or string in the middle that is long enough to hang up where you want to.
  • Use the foam shapes and glue them on the one sides.
  • Let your child be creative and make whatever they would like.
  • Hang them up at te window.
  • You can even make a few if you have that many old CD’s to spare and bind them together at different heights.
  • Remember they should not cover the entire CD, otherwise there will be no “suncatching”

This teaches your child to be creative and make decisions as well as plan ahead.

They also learn to see what colors go together and which might not work at all.

Art and Craft supplies

The following links are affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you buy something but you don’t pay anything more for what you buy. I’m not promoting it because I receive a commission, I’m promoting it because it’s something I believe in and love.

Not sure where to find art and craft supplies?

craftsy project kits

Discount School Supplies

Did you enjoy these ideas?

With these unique ideas you are sure to have a fun art project to start with right away, but before you do, don’t forget to share this post about crafts and educational toys.

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Some more ideas:

Are you looking for some more fun art ideas?

Visit 70+ ideas of homemade toys you can make for your kids – you’ll never run out of ideas again.

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