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Is this the best way to get your crying baby to sleep?

is this the best way to get a crying baby to sleep?

Baby crying? Don’t know what to do? Try this

is this the best way to get a crying baby to sleep?

Your newborn is so dependent on you, he really can’t help himself.

Sometimes they cry because something is bothering them and sometimes they cry even though they don’t even know if something is bothering them.

And here you are. Desperate. Don’t know what to do. Just in case you landed here because you have an emergency, I’m not going to make this post too long because we must get that crying baby of yours peaceful and to sleep.

So how do you get a crying baby to sleep?

There are lots of methods you can try like singing,  cradling your baby or pushing around in a stroller.

But always remember – if you start it, you must be willing to do it for months to come because it starts becoming a habit for your baby.

Never start something you would not like to continue for the next few months and then have to struggle to un-teach again.

I found this method recently and I think it’s amazing.

As the comments come up, read them, there are some amazing tips.


And if you can’t “om-ing” like him, why not try to play this to your baby and see what happens?

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Crafts and educational toys

baby crafts and educational toys

Some great Crafts and Educational Toys ideas you can try

Does your child love to draw and make things?

With these Crafts and educational toys ideas, you and your child work together making crafts and spending quality time together.

baby crafts and educational toys

Art and Crafts

Most children love to draw and make things, but there are some children you can see since they are small that they have a bigger talent for arts.

These kids try to find artistic materials to make things and they are so proud of their artwork and love to give it to someone as a present.

Start your child off with crafts which are simple, challenging and fun. These crafts inspire them to learn new skills.

They will learn coordination, how to be creative, counting and reading too.

The amount of skills they learn depends on what they are making.

Not only is craft time great time to spend quality time with your kids, crafting can become a way of having fun at any age, but the best time is around 5 years old.

Start small, after they mastered one skill, move over to the next.

Here are just a few craft and educational toys ideas you can try out.


How about trying weaving as a craft and if you don’t know how, it’s quite easy to learn too.

You can also find beginner’s kits at most craft stores with all the supplies to make your project. But if you don’t have time to go to the store, why not take a look at Craftsy and shop online? And why not buy double, then you both can learn something new together.

Your child will learn how to count stitches and reading instructions with illustrated pictures that makes it easier to follow.

If you do go to Craftsy, you can check out the online weaving courses to start learning today.

2) Games

Ever considered making your own Tick-Tack-Toe game so they also learn to recognize Xs and Os?

After they made the Tick-Tack-Toe game themselves, they can learn that losing is not always bad either.

How to make your own Tick-Tack-Toe game:

What you will need:

Felt – 3 different colors.

Cardboard or carton




  • Preferably one of the colors of felt should be white which you can use for your game board.
  • Stick the white felt onto cardboard or carton.
  • Draw your square boxes.
  • Make your Tick-Tack-Toe shapes to fit inside your squares from the other two colors of felt.
  • Use one color for Circles and the other one for Crosses.
  • You can draw them first with a pencil to make sure you make them all the same and big enough (or small enough) to fit into the boxes.
  • Remember to make them nice and fat and no need to make to Os a hole in the centre, except if you really want to.

Play over and over again.

3) Make a plate

Have you ever considered doing the following for a special unique gift?

Let your  child draw a special picture for grandma or grandpa.

Go to your nearest printing shop that does plate, mug and T-shirt printing.

Take the picture with and have them sublimate the picture onto a plate (or how about a set of plates).

Or you can search for a company that does it online in your area, upload the picture to their site or email and they send you your order.

Imagine how much your child will enjoy visiting grandma and eating out of a plate he/she created.

4) Make potholders

Teach your children to make potholders.

Let them be creative by mixing their own colors together and see how their creativity blooms.

Making potholders is also great for coordination.

And best of all, they’ll love seeing mom use their creations at dinner time.

5) Telling time

Teaching your child to tell time can be a fun project for them to make and learn.

What you will need:


Pictures of animals


A cheap wall clock

  • Buy a cheap clock and take off the top.
  • Remove the hands to you can get the plain backing off.
  • Let your child cut out 12 pictures of different animals.
  • Let them glue the animals next to the numbers.

This fun project helps to teach your child to remember where the numbers are as well as how to use scissors and glue.

When the project is done, hang the clock up in their room and teach them to tell the time on their own personal creation.

6) Suncatchers

You and your child will love this idea to make suncatchers. Not only is it cheap, but easy and can be cute to make too.

What you will need:

Different foam shapes


(actually, anything you want to use to decorate)


2 old CDs

String or yarn

  • Glue the 2 old CD’s together (shiny sides outside) with a piece of yarn or string in the middle that is long enough to hang up where you want to.
  • Use the foam shapes and glue them on the one sides.
  • Let your child be creative and make whatever they would like.
  • Hang them up at te window.
  • You can even make a few if you have that many old CD’s to spare and bind them together at different heights.
  • Remember they should not cover the entire CD, otherwise there will be no “suncatching”

This teaches your child to be creative and make decisions as well as plan ahead.

They also learn to see what colors go together and which might not work at all.

Art and Craft supplies

The following links are affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you buy something but you don’t pay anything more for what you buy. I’m not promoting it because I receive a commission, I’m promoting it because it’s something I believe in and love.

Not sure where to find art and craft supplies?

craftsy project kits

Discount School Supplies

Did you enjoy these ideas?

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Some more ideas:

Are you looking for some more fun art ideas?

Visit 70+ ideas of homemade toys you can make for your kids – you’ll never run out of ideas again.

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How to baby proof your whole house

When babyproofing a home, you have to baby proof your whole home. It’s not enough that you baby proof the area where your baby’s going to sleep in. You have to literally baby proof the entire house. This is especially true when your child already knows how to crawl or walk. But even if he’s not at that point yet, there’s no harm in taking care of babyproofing your entire home right now.

baby proof your house

You have to start right now. While it’s true that most babies start crawling at around 6 to 10 months, starting right now can help so you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

How to Baby Proof your Entire Home

Here are some of the things that you have to do:

  • Use furniture straps.

Strap up! Use furniture straps to secure your furniture and appliances like your TV. For heavier items, you should use anchor bolts. On the other hand, straps should be sufficient for TVs.

  • Use outlet covers.

Make sure that all outlets in your home are covered. Make sure to use the screw type variety of outlet cover. It’s harder to remove and doesn’t present as a choking hazard.

  • Install edge bumpers on edges of furniture.

You’ll thank yourself once your baby starts walking and bumping into things. These sharp points can cause a serious injury so make sure to cover them with edge bumpers.

  • Use baby gates.

Use them at the top and bottom of the stairs for obvious reasons. You should also use them to secure rooms that your child shouldn’t have access to.

  • Install window guards.

Window screens are not enough. Use window guards to prevent your child from falling through the window.

  • Unplug appliances when not in use.

This is to prevent accidents and injuries. In addition, plugged appliances are easier to pull since your child will have access to the cord. On that note, keep cords away.

  • Install smoke and carbon dioxide alarms.

Your child won’t be able to tell you if there’s smoke or carbon dioxide in the air so these are a must.

  • Use pinch guards on all doors.

There are far too many kids getting pinched by a door. Pinch guards are simple but very effective in helping avoid this.

  • Keep ash trays out of reach.

This is especially true if you’re using it. Once you’re done, make sure to empty it.

  • Remove all choking hazards.

As a general rule, anything that can fit through a toilet roll insert is considered to be a choking hazard. What you can do is get on all four so you’ll be at eye level of your child. Look around your home for potential choking hazards that your child may see and get access to. Remove them.

Other Steps to Follow

These are just some of the babyproofing steps that you need to do to baby proof your home. There are a lot more that you need to know. Know them with the help of this babyproofing infographic. {check it out, it’s really amazing}

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Educational toys and computers

computers and educational toys

Give your baby an advantage with educational toys and computers

computers and educational toys

These days, everything is run by computers.

Everywhere you go, there is a computer that helps you achieve the task at hand.

At schools there are computer classes and when you visit the library, you will always find a child or two sitting at a computer doing their research or homework.

Almost all jobs today are working with computers.

These days, children are learning to use a computer from as early as 2 years – this gives them the advantage of learning new skills.

Click on the link above and you can check out all kinds of different keyboards to hook up to your PC at home.

These keyboards are colorful with animated characters on them making it educational and entertaining for them to learn and grow with the times. Special software can be bought to add as your child advances to the next level.

These laptops are created especially for children.

And don’t forget your baby’s first laptop

Some of these computers even have adapters to plug in a printer.

You’ll find some of the computers for kids that are just as advanced as the computer you’re working on.

The animated pictures are colorful and they will talk back to them teaching them anything from color, shapes, math, and reading, putting their learning into a game to make it more fun.

You can give your child an advantage as they learn and play games at the same time.

Laptop games with book of different subjects are designed to teach your children pre-math, pre-reading skills, phonics, numbers, and ABC’s.

These games turn learning into fun times for the whole family to enjoy while giving personal time to you child.

My son started off with Jumpstart Preschool and it was such a huge advantage to him above all of his peers.

He is already 15 and you can see that he played more educational games than his sister and he has a huge technical and mathematical advantage above her.

An early education is the best gift you can give your child.

Give a gift of adventure to your loved one, whether it’s your own child, your Grand Child or a close family member’s child. Give them a jumpstart, it can be played from age 2 and up.


Handheld computer games are great for traveling.

Be sure your buying for the right age group.

There are many different styles, shapes, and sizes with different age groups in mind.

Handheld games come with cartoon characters teaching coronation by using the controls.

Word games come in handheld styles as well for the different age groups teaching them to read and spell.

Some are musical for the toddlers to listen to and can be attached to the car seat.

And then there’s the most popular PSP.

There is no limit when it comes to buying educational toys for your children.

Getting your child prepared for the life ahead is the best thing a parent can do for them.

Learning and knowledge will take your precious gift a long way in managing his/her life and get him/her prepared for all the new technology that comes out everyday.

Having fun with your children and teaching them new things is the greatest reward a parent can have.

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