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Is this the best way to get your crying baby to sleep?

is this the best way to get a crying baby to sleep?

Baby crying? Don’t know what to do? Try this

is this the best way to get a crying baby to sleep?

Your newborn is so dependent on you, he really can’t help himself.

Sometimes they cry because something is bothering them and sometimes they cry even though they don’t even know if something is bothering them.

And here you are. Desperate. Don’t know what to do. Just in case you landed here because you have an emergency, I’m not going to make this post too long because we must get that crying baby of yours peaceful and to sleep.

So how do you get a crying baby to sleep?

There are lots of methods you can try like singing,  cradling your baby or pushing around in a stroller.

But always remember – if you start it, you must be willing to do it for months to come because it starts becoming a habit for your baby.

Never start something you would not like to continue for the next few months and then have to struggle to un-teach again.

I found this method recently and I think it’s amazing.

As the comments come up, read them, there are some amazing tips.


And if you can’t “om-ing” like him, why not try to play this to your baby and see what happens?

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