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51 Reasons That Arts Education Must Stay

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It is National Arts Education Week

Happy National Arts in Education Week! My kids wanted to make everyone a banner to help celebrate, but their school did not think it was important to designate part of their budget for crayons. Or canvas. Or, for that matter, dance, drama, photography, or music.

If that sounded hyperbolic, you might be disheartened to learn that it is very much a real practice in our modern school system. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not like every principle in the world woke up one morning and decided to go on an Arts Education witch hunt. The fact is that schools are notoriously underfunded these days, and money that is available is often put towards focusing on academic classics, like math or science, and on improving test scores. Why? So that those improved test scores lead to better funding.

You see our problem here, right?

Look, “core” academic classes are the cornerstone of education and a significant part of future success. We need the next generation to be able to do math and to have excellent reading comprehension skills; no one is trying to argue otherwise.

But what 93% of Americans are saying is that the arts, too, are a vital part of our kids’ educations, and they say this for a good reason. has put together a comprehensive infographic that lists 51 benefits of Arts Education, and you will be downright amazed at some of them.


Benefits of arts education

For more info on this infographic, go check out the article on 51 benefits of Arts Education

In this day and age, parents need to pick their battles. I promise you; this is a battle to pick. Our kids need Arts Education to remain in their schools so that they know there is more to life than filling in the correct bubble with a sharpened Number 2 pencil.

These 51 benefits of Arts Education was a guest post by Neve:


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