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Three Kinds of Baby Clothes

three most important kinds of baby clothes

In essence, there are only Three Kinds of Baby Clothes you need to concentrate on.

three most important kinds of baby clothes

When you want to buy baby clothes, whether as a gift or for you own baby, suddenly, you are overthrown with multiple choices that can become a bit confusing and overwhelming.

Let’s take a look at some popular questions:

  • How many cute and adorable outfits does your baby actually need?
  • How many Onesie body suits are enough?
  • For little people that grow up so quickly, there are certainly a wide variety of clothing options, but how does a new parent know what to get?

To help settle the dilemma and answer these questions, you need to keep in mind a simple “rule of three.”

Babies need three kinds of clothes.

Clothes are needed for:

  • daytime wear
  • going out
  • sleeping

Most probably, your baby’s sleepwear will outnumber the other varieties, since sleeping is what babies spend most of their time doing in the beginning. But the numbers of each outfit will vary in direct relation to the number of times you are willing to do laundry.

Be sure to read the article about tips from an expert to help you choose as well.

Baby Daywear

You baby’s everyday day wear that he/she hangs around the house in, should be comfortable, easy to access for diaper changes and simple.

These are the clothes your baby will spend most of his/her time in and they’re bound to get dirty.

When your baby spits up, spews strained beets all over the place, crawls around on the floor or does any of the other relatively messy and somewhat disgusting things that babies do, these clothes are going to bear the brunt of abuse.

Most probably, you don’t want these things to happen while your baby is wearing the beautiful Baby Dior outfit that Granny gave as a shower gift.

The best clothes for these day to day needs are simple body suits with snaps at the crotch.

Onesies are a brand name of these items, but the term has pretty much entered the language to mean any article designed this way.

You’ll probably want anywhere between five and ten of these on hand.

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Baby Sleepwear

Your baby’s sleeping should meet some of the same specifications as her/his daywear in terms of comfort and accessibility.

Obviously if you live in a colder region or it is in the middle of Winter, you’ll want heavier articles than if you live in Phoenix and it’s July.

Babies can still be messy when they sleep, but are usually nowhere near as messy as when they’re up and about.

In warm enough climates the same style of Onesies that are used for baby’s daytime activities can double as sleepwear, but if the temperature is cooler, you’ll want heavier knit PJs or similar sleepwear.

Dressing up Baby

This is where you really get to shine. Here is where you can utilize the cute and adorable stuff that you received as shower gifts or those adorable clothes you just couldn’t resist picking up during a routine trip to Wal-Mart.

These items should still be examined for practicality, making sure that straps, snaps, bows and such do not interfere with diaper changing or cause discomfort to your baby.

Also, always keep your baby’s safety when wearing clothing in mind.

But you’re allowed to show off.

After all, everyone wants to coo over your adorable baby.

When your adorable baby is adorably dressed, the cooing is so much sweeter.

How to dress your newborn baby

Your newborn baby is still highly dependent upon you, even to put his/her arms and legs through the clothes.

Take a look at this video to help you to know how to dress your newborn baby.

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